Hamaguchi Anastasiya is an portrait photographer from Russia, currently lives and works in Japan.
Most of the photographs are taken by analog methods. In her personal darkroom, she develops and prints photographs using dead stock rare photographic materials.
The fragility of this process and its beauty is a direct part of her art.
 The process of photographing and processing photographs in traditional ways, as well as interacting with the model, becomes a performance in itself.
  She also uses antique cameras in her work because of the uniqueness and aesthetics of the image that can be obtained with it.
Anastasiya gained knowledge and techniques by self-study, through books and experiments.
 She finds her greatest inspiration in the cultures of Japan, China and Korea, as well as in the ancient religions of these countries. The idea of ​​capturing inexorably fading, fleeting, but bright beauty is the main one in her work.

In addition to art projects, exhibitions and collaborations with artists from Japan and other countries, Anastasiya works with various companies and brands as a commercial photographer.

This website features some of her other work that is not included in this portfolio
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