My name is Hamaguchi Anastasia, a Russian art and portrait photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
I hold a degree in Public Relations from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, where I simultaneously pursued independent studies in photography.
My primary interest lies in creative fashion and cultural art projects, particularly those that document traditional crafts and involve non-standard product photography. I have a deep passion for classical monochrome portrait photography.
In my work, I integrate modern digital technologies with traditional film—utilizing small, medium, and large formats—and analog printing methods, such as classic black & white darkroom printing, cyanotype, liquid light, and gum bichromate printing. I also create pieces using collage techniques.
To date, I have hosted several successful exhibitions in Tokyo and Kyoto and aim to further my development as a solo artist in this arena.
I derive inspiration predominantly from the traditional cultures of Japan, China, and Korea, with a focus on the painting, poetry, and religious practices of these countries.
As a hobby, I collect and shoot with vintage film cameras and restore photographic negatives from the early 20th century, incorporating them into photo collages along with my own work.
Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, with replication impossible due to the unique and antique nature of the materials used. If you are interested in purchasing any work, please contact me directly.
Feel free to inquire about my projects via Instagram or the contact form below.

私の名前はHamaguchi Anastasiaです。



Group exhibition “Reflection of feelings”. Tokyo, Zakura gallery.  2022 1/7 - 1/12
Solo exhibition “Make me up”. Kyoto, Zen House gallery.  2022 3/18 - 3/21
Solo exhibition “Freedom is a bird”. Tokyo, Yanaka chashitsu kum gallery. 2022 5/14 - 5/22
Part of an exhibition of Nobuo Matsuoka’s works. Tokyo, Yurakucho Asahi Hall. 2023 1/20 - 1/25
Solo exhibition “Nostalgia”. Tokyo, Yanaka chashitsu kum gallery. 2023 4/8 - 4/16
Part of a pop-up anti-war exhibition in Montenegro “Anything Multiplied by Zero Gets Destroyed”. 2023
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